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About me 

Imagine a world where fun and fashion are BFF'S a place where art and cloth combine to cover you in happiness.Welcome to the world of Fabulous fashion and many more things ,an ever changing line of Wearable Art Designed FOR playful,fun and creative women BY playful,fun and creative women.

I love to make women feel inspired and explore their expressive creative realms.please take a step inside and be free to roam !
We hope you enjoy your visit and come back to see us often.

I borrows pictures from other sites to communicate my  ideas, but i try & make sure to credit them if i know whose pictures they belong to or i try to name the source from where i borrows it .  If, however, you don’t want your picture on this site or if you knows who it belong too , let us know! We will be happy to take it down .  If you are someone who wants to use the pictures on this site, please refer back to the original site where we got the images and give credit to their owners.  If you would like to use some of our images, please credit our work, if you don’t, we’ll pester you until you do. 

If you’d like to say hi, request advertising info, or send a submission, I’d love to hear from you! You can email me at

or face book  me at silkandsaffron

Shipping and Delivery
​DOMESTIC Shipping:
Shipping charges of Purchase(s) in the amount of $200 or more is/are Free within US. Purchase(s) below $175 is/are at a flat fee of $9.95. USPS Express2-day shipping option is $29.95 on an In-Stock item(s)


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