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Bridesmaid Service: For a Wedding Style as Unique as You!


Different Looks, Endless Fashion Possibilities.
You’re getting married. You found “the” dress. Now it’s time to dress your bridesmaids.
Instead of traveling to Pakistan ,India  Bangladesh and Arab, scouring markets for multiple, matching outfits and worrying about your bridesmaids’ measurements, let silkNsaffron Bridesmaid Service take care of everything for you.
Here’s how it works: Choose from 4 different styles Pick your color Select the style you prefer (halter or cap sleeve)
The result? A perfectly coordinated wedding party. Plus, your bridesmaids will have a look to keep that they’ll actually want to wear again!

For more details and to view our bridesmaids' lookbook, email *Due to the customization, these items are made to order and will arrive 8-10 weeks after the order is placed.​

MiX and Match ​

My BrideMaids 

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