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Good Fit Begin with Good Body Measurements 

This sizing chart is approximate

Customize to your exact size 

Customize size and style 

At silkNsaffron , you can customize your measurements and style preferences. Do you have a hard to fit shape and know that standard sizes won't fit? Do you like the design, but the neckline, sleeves or length do not work for you? If all this sounds familiar, you will love silkNsaffron. We give you hundreds of amazing styles to select from, and you are sure to get the look you love with a great fit.

You can use the size charts or customize to your size to find the perfect fit.

The measurements you give us are essential to deliver the best fit and should be as accurate as possible with little guess work. While choosing a size, we recommend that you not to go up or down with your measurements hoping to get a looser or tighter fit based on the silhouette displayed. It's best to give us the exact body measurements and drop us an email if you need to leave any special instructions regarding the order.


Customer Service is happy to help!

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